About CW3M
We are an award-winning design studio
playing with pencils and pixels
for over a decade.

An idea grows into an image, an image is worth a thousand words.
We've drawn thousands of images and have heads full of ideas.
Give us your words and let us draw your image.

Now well over ten years old, this little design studio is still growing and evolving.
With the recent launch of our second office, we now serve two of the largest Canadian markets.

CW3M emerged in the world of graphics in the nineties as a print graphics studio. We have produced just about every type of publication that can be imagined. From corporate documents to advertising pieces, product brochures and catalogs, newsletters and magazines and every possible kind of promotional piece you can think of. From concept to final product, delivering on all aspects of design. New services are steadily added to our offering. We now also offer the services of custom llustration, photography and product development.

We entered the internet publishing arena when the web itself was in its infancy. We began building websites as early as the mid-nineties. From the rudimentary beginnings of creating web pages in raw html, we've progressed and are now building complex database driven websites using some of the most robust content management systems available.

CW3M Design is a full service design studio. Print graphics, branding, packaging design, product development, web design, custom illustration, corporate communications and so much more...  

Let us design, draw and publish your image! 
What are your words? 
Print Design
Illustration and Graphics

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